Meet Melanie

Oh hello, this is me, Melanie. I am in my mid-20s and from Vienna, Austria, a tiny but wonderful country in the heart of Europe. In the past years, Austria has received numerous shoutouts as ranking as the top country to live in and I must admit, it is truly a blessing to have been born here.

@Melanie Pfeffer

@Melanie Pfeffer

However, from an early age on, I have experienced “Fernweh”, this constant urge to passionately and purposefully explore distant and foreign places, try new culinary delights, find adorable cafes, and meet wonderful and interesting new people.

My insatiable love for travels, adventure, and simplicity has led me to grow into a travel photographer. At first, taking photos was more for myself to capture all those unforgettable memories and then, as more and more friends kept asking for my photography and people inquired to have their photos taken by me, it started to become a hobby to share my adventures. Now, I feel as if I have come to a point where I would like to take my photography and my knowledge about wonderful places to a new level. This is why I started this travel blog.

I hope you enjoy it and always come back for more.

Your Voyagette, Melanie