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A Love Letter to North Carolina

North Carolina, the home to all couples who were brought to life in the heartwarming novels written by Nicolas Sparks. Romantic and beautiful, not just how the books can be described, but also the Tar Heel State itself.

Situated in the South of the United States, North Carolina is one of those places where one can find mild climate throughout the year. In addition to that, visitors to North Carolina can have it all – beautiful views in the rolling mountains, a midnight dip in the ocean, and sipping coffee in hip cities.

In a nutshell, life in North Carolina is colorful. While spring enchants with the sweetest cherry blossoms, autumn charms you with an abundance of colorful leaves. And summer, oh well, summer is endless. When the sun goes down and the blistering heat subsides, the crickets start to chirp. And then, North Carolinians sit on the porches of their beautiful Victorian houses sipping sweet tea and getting the barbecue warmed up.

You don’t know where to get started? Here are a few suggestions:

Bask in the first spring sun rays in the artsy city of Charlotte


Enjoy the heat of summer strolling through the historic downtown of Wilmington


Cool off in the ocean at Wrightsville Beach


In autumn, sip coffee with fellow hipsters in stunning Asheville 

During winter, pay a visit to the authentic college town of Davidson



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