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EAST LONDON: Aida Shoreditch

Aida Shoreditch is one of those places where the storefront naturally pulls you inside to have a closer look. And at this closer look, I adored this space. The beautifully curated concept store is complemented with a small adorable cafe.

The rustic wooden tables give Aida a homey feel and the waiter was so friendly, making us feel welcome throughout our time. The cappuccino was to die for. Since they also serve their coffees with soy milk dying for  has not to be taken literally. My beautiful friend Abigail joined us for lunch and a quick chat on our plans for the weekend. The baguette she ordered was fresh and tasty.

In the two-story concept store you can find hip and minimalist attire for women and men. London didn’t live up to its reputation, namely being rainy, so the rack of trendy and functional rain coats was quite an ironic encounter.

Men will find grooming gear and women can take a seat in the parlour (hear the British accent?), and get their favorite vintage hairstyles done by professionals who have all worked on big Broadway productions. This means: the results are guaranteed to be fabulous.

However, what I liked most is the fact that Aida is one of those neighborhood cafes where you can sit down with your laptop, sip great coffee, and work away. To all journalists and writers and other location independent professionals, this place is beautiful and inspiring yet comfortable and quiet.

I always envy people who are location independent. If I were, I would travel the world non-stop and work out of my favorite cafes, hopping from one city to the other. The vibe that cafes and their individual and eclectic interior design offer spark motivation I feel I can get nowhere else. (So, if someone knows of a location independent job and wants to hire me, there is a comment box below.)




And here is a peak into the shop attached to the back of this adorable cafe.


Address: 133 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6J

Aida has a homepage. They are on Facebook, have a beautifully curated gallery on Instagram, and are tweeting away. Tag along, you won’t regret it.

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